And then to Christmas to send "she or he" what?

Christmas (Christmas) as the traditional festival of the West, in December 25 each year, is one of the important festivals of the West. Christmas in the mid-nineteenth century spread to Asia, Japan, South Korea, China and so on by the impact of the Christmas culture. I can not remember the specific time when I started Christmas, probably in primary school time, every Christmas before you will buy some Christmas cards, write blessings, give small partners. Middle school seems to be even more popular, and every Christmas we boring boys who always compare who received more girls greeting cards. And to the university is about their favorite girls to eat movies, must eat dinner to replica watches see a few films time-consuming, it is best to dawdle to the night does not end, it is more perfect ... ... haha The And close to this year's Christmas, I believe we will be about their own "she or he" to spend the holidays, in addition to a meal, if you send a carefully selected gift, it is not icing on the cake, even more sincere. Today we are talking about the Christmas gifts, but also welcome you friends posted messages, talk about your experience and good advice. Send a bottle of perfume, keep only your taste I remember the early years had seen a film about the perfume, the name is called "perfume", tells the story of Paris, a passion for the pursuit of taste genius, in the continuous killing of 13 girls, completed his dream of "the greatest Perfume ", the world in the enjoyment of this great aroma at the same time actually forgotten cynical, has always arrogant bishop is also impressed by this fragrance in front, and this taste of talent has become almost the relatives of the relatives of the victims. French Glass perfume town Have to say perfume is a magic, you can make people have a lasting and pleasing taste. A good perfume in addition to their own feelings can be uk replica watches pleasant, but also can infect people with you, make you more attractive. Ancient Greek myth of perfume, that is the gods invented the perfume, smell the smell represents the coming of the gods and blessings. According to raw materials to perfume can be divided into two kinds of animals and plants. Animals are Long Yan incense, musk, musk cat incense and beaver incense, in the original state, the smell of these raw materials is too strong, it is disgusting. So when used in perfume, it must be greatly diluted dilution Caixing. And these four kinds of raw materials in the protection of animal protectionists, the existing production is very lacking, so in the modern perfume industry can not play a big role. Only those who use the traditional manual method of making perfume experts to take them to use, and contains the perfume perfume price is quite expensive. At present, in the mainstream perfume manufacturing process in their fragrance are mostly simulated synthesis. And plant raw materials will be more and more, I only said here the two most important. Rose as the most important plants in the perfume industry, many varieties, according to historical records, the earliest varieties are foreign roses, or called the artist roses, which is commonly referred to as the May Rose, the original is the French perfume roses. Bulgaria's Kazan Lak region produces a large number of rolex replica uk Damascus roses. There are also varieties that have been cultivated in Egypt, Morocco and elsewhere. It is now clear that there are 17 different kinds of rose fragrance, usually, the total contains sweet sweet aroma aroma, three sweet one, fragrant overflow, is the highest flower oil. Refining 1 pound of rose sesame oil or rose fragrance requires 1000 pounds of roses, pure fragrance ratio is less and less, only 0.03% only. At least 75% of the premium perfume is used to get rose sesame oil. And jasmine is an important plant in the perfume after the roses. 80% of modern perfume should use it. Many varieties of jasmine can produce 500 pounds of jasmine, but the absolute yield is very low only about 0.1%, because jasmine must be picked up in the morning when exposed to the sun, if the sun shines, it will lose some scent, So jasmine is one of the most expensive perfume raw materials. From the perfume taste, it is mainly divided into five categories. To a single flower as the main fragrance of the floral type, mostly female-based. With a variety of flowers composed of complex aroma flowers perfume, this perfume is now the mainstream of women's perfume. To C8 to C12 aldehyde aldehyde odor for its aroma characteristics of the modern type, is still female-based. Green fragrance with green fragrance, this is my favorite perfume, smell up to make people very comfortable, men and women are used. There is a fruit is perfume, citrus and other raw materials for the perfume, such as Hermes earth fragrant, taste more special. Can be said that a line of my own perfume can not only make people add self-confidence, but also make people around the relaxed and happy. So choose a suitable for "her or his" temperament perfume, you need to spend a little thought, at least to "she or he" have a full understanding of right? In the Christmas sent a bottle of carefully selected perfume, not just a gift, but also contains a "she or he" over time tired of care. Send a jewelry, because you and shine When the human wearing jewelry when the rise, it is difficult to accurately research. But it is not difficult to imagine, from the beginning of mankind to realize the decoration and beautification of their own time, the human also forged a bond with it. From the Paleolithic animal teeth, feathers and stone beads, to the present all kinds of exquisite jewelry, no doubt does not show people for the pursuit of beauty. The necklace of the jaguar's teeth From the early gold, silver for the texture of the jewelry. Pure gold because it is too soft, not suitable for special modeling, not suitable for inlaid precious stones, and therefore, the style of a great constraint. For example, a pure gold ring is just a metal piece that can be bent. While the silver jewelry will be with the years and the oxidation of black, coupled with the texture is too soft, style style constraints even greater. Until modern times, k gold, platinum and other appearances, making the jewelry shape has been unprecedented free space. At the same time, gem carving technology is also increasingly perfect and rich, for the freedom of jewelry to provide a prerequisite. Today's jewelry, materials, whether it is gold and silver jewelry or glass, plastic, as long as meet the requirements of the United States, can be used. Of course precious metal, diamonds, gemstone jewelry is always fascinating, but there is a considerable part of the jewelry using synthetic materials, imitation gold materials and artificial gem materials. Jewelry is not a female patent, and many men have begun to wear jewelry. Jewelry on the people themselves played a beautification "finishing touch" role. A kind of "she or he" temperament of fine jewelry, but also a very good gift. Let "she or he" glamorous, and in the "she or he" side of you not also have light it? Send a watch, from now on my time is yours Recently, a watch home users posted in the forum, tells the story of his marriage more than ten years of life. 20 years old met her, give her to bring their own pocket into the Swatch watch, and made an oath: from now on, my time is yours. More than ten years later, he bought her for the Omega constellation. He used ten years to give her a stable and stable life, with a decade to verify the authenticity of an oath. Watch as a witness to the time, every operation of the watch are showing to the unique visual enjoyment, we can watch from every detail to feel its sophisticated design and structure, of which the material as a wrist An important part of the watch, not only become an important feature of the wearer's unique taste, it is even more beautiful style of each watch. Watch by way of life, divided into functional timing products, accessories, taste, collection and other four categories. According to consumer use, can be divided into: economic watch, jewelry jewelry watch, business dress watch, sports watch and collection watch. Choose a "she or he" watch, first to find out the "she or he" needs. Is simply want to "she or he" look at the time or want to show "she or he" personal taste? American watches Here we mainly introduce the economic watch, business watch and watch the movement. Economical watches, often those of large quantities of industrial production of the watch. Due to bulk, so the price can be accepted by the public. Such as Tissot, the United States and so on. Rolex Greene Type II The business is mounted watch, as the name suggests, according to the traditional industry norms, wearing a traditional shape, low-key classic watches, be regarded as a more serious high-quality watches, both on behalf of the manufacturer's rigorous, but also represents the consumer's serious. But also has some practical features such as time zone function, alarm, log and other functions of the watch, is the core of the business is loaded watch. I think in many business watches, dual time zone watch is a more practical watch, often for business people around the place is more practical watches. Sports watch can be divided into professional sports watch and luxury sports watch. Professional sports watch, is designed for a variety of professional sports watch, such as mountain climbing, diving, navigation, flight and other specialized use of watches. Professional sports watch The traditional definition refers to those with a timelable and diving features of the specific performance of the watch. Aibo Royal Oak Series While the luxury sports watch will have a senior watch the level of movement, but also with a sophisticated workmanship exquisite case, the material is not just the commonly used steel, but more use of some precious metals and hand decoration. Such as Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Series, the use of advanced overall design and shape and bracelet are subject to multiple polished modified, is a small number of talent to buy luxury sports watch. For "she or he" carefully selected a suitable watch, record your future time Kai is not very meaningful. Table prices due to personal economic strength may be, the so-called watch without expensive, people have high and low. In fact, what to send is not the most important, it is important that you really sincere, is not it?