Woman, not only one side

Many people hear the name of the count, will first think of 12P movement, Altiplano series of ultra-thin watch, and a unique diamond strap. It is also a home of the retro female watch is definitely a big bright spot, especially in 1960 ~ 70 years of production that batch. At the time both gorgeous people can not move away from the line of sight and very innovative. This double-sided Extremely Piaget series of rolex replica uk fine jewelry watch last year in the Sotheby's auction house auction, good performance, so assuming the count to revive these classic female watch will once again set off a wave of climax. The first batch of Beta 21 holders have Piaget, but because of the size of the need to design a larger case than usual, which means that the need for a larger bracelet to match the overall balance. And even developed a thinner 7P movement, but fortunately the final finished stunning, with the shape of the bracelet shaped box instead of a common strap. Earl from 1964 onwards began to use the gem plate as one of their own labels, such as tiger eye stone, onyx, celestite, lapis lazuli, coral, opal, turquoise and other dials are skilled with the incredible. We will return the focus to this bracelet swiss replica watches: it has two dial (one of which can be used to set the second time zone), one side is with 2,008 pieces of bright cut diamonds wrapped in opal, while the onyx combined percussion treatment of platinum Material bracelet. Different ways to deal with even create a feeling of day and night changes. The end of the chain is closed by a small shackle. Carrying 56P quartz movement, but in fact it is rolex replica watches good and bad, there are body appearance propped, it is estimated that no one will go too much attention. Of course, this shocking watch price never let us down: 260,000 US dollars (1,806,402 yuan). Look like, look like. It can be so eye-catching should not because of the cost or the number of diamonds used, but thanks to the exquisite design and ingenuity, like a woman, never only one side.